• 5.1.1 Upgradation of Rabindra Bhavans.
  • 5.1.1 A Construction of Tagore Cultural Complexes.
  • (i) The first item related to modernization and upgradation of existing Tagore Auditoria (built in various cities in the country) during the Tagore Birth Centenary Commemoration. The Committee was informed that some of the important towns (like capitals of the newly formed States) and Chennai did not have these Auditoria, which could also be taken up for construction.
  • (ii) Kum. Mamata Banerjee, was of the view that many of these Auditoria had outlived their life/utility and as such many were fit to be demolished. New Auditoria could be constructed in their places which may in many cases be cost effective also.
  • (iii) Shri Kapil Sibal, was of the view that for the construction of new Auditoria/Cultural Complexes, criteria needed to be worked out for identification of cities suitable for their location. He suggested that these could be related to the cultural importance of cities, size of cities, their association with Tagore etc. Other criteria, too, would be outlined.
  • (iv) Member Secretary informed about the proposed changes in the MPCC (Multi Purpose Cultural Complex) Scheme of the Ministry of Culture under which the proposals would be considered and said that there was hardly any possibility of major expenditure in the next two years, as these projects needed to be well conceptualized and designed and also implemented according to a well-defined time-schedule. He recalled Prime Minister’s observation during the National Committee meeting that the new Auditoria and Bhavans should be aesthetically designed in locations worthy of being named after the great cultural icon. Designs may be finalised through open National Competitions.
  • (v) The Committee felt that the cost of differing categories of projects, i.e., Tagore Cultural Complexes in Mega cities, restoration of old Auditoria, upgradation of amenities, networking of Cultural Centres, coverage of new cities, etc., may vary, depending on various parameters, and may range from few lakhs to several crores. There should, therefore, be an inbuilt flexibility in the revised MPCC Scheme to accommodate these. The Committee was of the view that land should be provided by the States, wherever new Cultural Complexes were taken up.
  • 5.1.2 The Committee approved the following:
  • 5.1.2 A Re-working and ramping of the MPCC (Multi Purpose Cultural Complexes) Scheme under the Ministry of Culture, in line with the proposal mentioned in the Agenda and at sub-para (v) above.
  • 5.1.2 B Setting up of proposal specific Expert Committees with the suggested composition for consideration of the proposals, i.e., for restoration, renovation, upgradation, modernisation of the existing Auditoria and for the construction of new Tagore Cultural Complexes/ Auditoria etc. Mandate of the Committees as indicated in para A.1.6 was also approved.
  • 5.1.3 The NIC directed that adequate provision be made during the 12th Plan period for these projects and an EFC Note be prepared at the appropriate stage.


The Committee took note of the position mentioned in the Agenda that the funds will be provided to the Akademies from the Plan Budget of the Ministry and agreed with the same. Secretary (Culture) would review the Tagore related programs and report to the NIC.