• 7.1 Member-Secretary apprised the NIC about the problems encountered in holding Exhibition of Tagore’s original paintings in France while London/ Oxford and Berlin appeared better prepared. The Exhibition at these places may be held between September and December, 2011 and all efforts were on to tackle the special programmes that were coming up in Paris, where the exhibition is, thus, delayed. While the Indian Mission in USA had not yet responded, Asia Society of New York has agreed to cooperate and an exhibition offered, possible in September 2011. Other circuits in Europe and Asia were being worked out.
  • 7.2 Member-Secretary proposed that as there were no original Tagore paintings in Bangladesh, Government of India may donate one from the NGMA Collection at the Inaugural Ceremony, if possible.

    Keeping in mind the fragility of the originals, Exhibitions, in Bangladesh may be a mix of originals and facsimiles (around 40-50) may be at 3-4 locations, during 2011-12 where suitable venues may be available.

    The NIC approved the proposals.

  • 7.3 Digital Prints

    NIC noted the efforts being made by Ministry of Culture regarding digitization of the paintings, in collaboration with Visva-Bharati and through the “Rabindra Chitravali’ initiative. Member – Secretary informed about ICCR’s sets of 46-prints exhibition which were being taken to various countries during 2011-12. In a few select countries, Ministry of Culture would also try to organise larger Digital Print exhibition with other memorabilia. Ministry of Culture would add value to their mini-exhibitions of ICCR, and make them unique Tagore-experiences and Visva Bharati would be associated in the exercise, for which they would require payment.

    The NIC approved the estimate of Rs.15 crores for the Exhibitions for Ministry of Culture.


  • 8.1 Feature Films:

    Member-Secretary informed that the Shyam Benegal Committee constituted to appraise the film/audio-visual proposals had recommended the film proposal submitted by Smt. Rituparno Ghosh at a cost of Rs.3 crores. Since the cost of the film proposed by Shri Govind Nihalani was on the higher side, the Committee had recommended that he be requested to reduce the cost.

    The NIC agreed with both the recommendations of the Screening Committee.

  • 8.2 Argentina

    Member-Secretary stated that Shyam Benegal Committee has recommended the film proposal by Pablo Cesar, based on the relationship between Tagore and Victoria Ocampo. However, given the sensitivity of the theme, it would be appropriate to have the script/screenplay and its treatment vetted by Tagore Experts.

    The NIC agreed to the above suggestion and authorised the Ministry of Culture to do the needful and pay honorarium to the experts, if required.

  • 8.3 Documentaries/Short films

    The NIC authorised the Ministry of Culture to fund the proposals relating to documentaries and short films on Tagore, after approval by the Shyam Benegal Committee, or an another Expert Committee, that may be anchored in NFDC.

  • 8.3.1 Film on the Relation of Tagore with the river Padma and his years in Bangladesh

    Member-Secretary informed that since Tagore had spent a decade in Bangladesh and that this had been one of the most productive period of his life. This subject had been of special interest and excitement in Bangladesh (during the Delegation’s visit in Dec.’10) and elsewhere. There has been discussions regarding production (preferably a joint Indo-Bangla one). A documentary/ or a short film, that would be made by an eminent Director. The name of Goutam Ghosh came up as he had rich experience of filming in Bangladesh especially in Kushtia region and his latest film the award winning “Moner Manush”, was centred in the same area where Tagore spent much time. There was general agreement and it was felt this could also be discussed at the Joint Indo-Bangla talks on 7 April 2011.

    The NIC approved the proposal ‘in-principle’ and authorized Ministry of Culture to fund the proposal, through NFDC.

  • 8.4 The NIC also approved the proposal for a revised estimate of Rs.15 crores for Feature Films, Short Films and Documentaries, to be routed through NFDC for execution.
  • 8.5 Compilation of Audio-Visual Archival Materials available with I&B Ministry, their restoration and dissemination

    Member-Secretary apprised the NIC that the I & B Ministry had prepared a 6 pack DVD Album of Archival Materials on Tagore for release during the Opening Ceremony on 7 May 2011. Minister, Information & Broadcasting handed over the dummy to the Chairman, who showed it to all the Members. It was greatly appreciated.

    The NIC approved the contents of the DVD, including the famous Satyajit Ray Documentary on Tagore made in the Centenary Year as well as credit line as follows: The National Committee for the 150th Anniversary Commemorations of Tagore, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India and NFDC present


  • 8.6 Tagore Photo Archives

    The NIC approved the proposal and advised Ministry to work on it, through professionals and experienced Institutions.

  • 8.7 Connecting Languages/Regions in India – Tagore as a Catalyst

  • 8.7.1 Translation through Theatre Screen
  • 8.7.2 Digital Translation

    The NIC approved the proposal of “Sur-titles”, for enabling translated versions of Tagore’s plays and songs to reach wider audiences. NIC welcomed the suggestion of the Ministry of Culture to make available, through digital translations on screens in Theatres / Auditorias (i.e. Surtitling), the brief content of the piays and songs that were performed in different languages of India which could be made available to many linguistic groups It was felt that if a break-through could be made through the Tagore Celebration programme (to start with), it would be possible for different linguistic groups in India to understand the culture of others. Rs.5 crores were approved to be provided to the National School of Drama for implementing the Project on a pilot basis.

  • 8.7.3 Translating Tagore plays/performances in other Indian Languages

    The NIC agreed to the need for taking Tagore’s plays to different regions of the country. Special efforts would be made for translation of Tagore’s works in Hindi and other languages. Chairman suggested that Ministry of HRD may also be requested to provide a list of experts, for giving suggestions in this regard.

    The NIC approved in-principle the proposals received in the Ministry of Culture from Prof. Ananda Lal of Jadavpur University and Prof. U.N. Singh of Visva-Bharati and advised that they be processed, with due procedures.