• 18.1 Tagore International Prize for Promotion of Universal Brotherhood announced in the Budget Speech of 2011.

    Chairman informed that there were two similar Awards – one in the name of Nehru and the other in the name of Gandhi and that the Gandhi Prize was administered by the Ministry of Culture.

    The NIC accordingly approved that the Tagore Award would also be implemented by the Ministry of Culture on the pattern of the Gandhi Peace Prize.

  • 18.2 Tagore National Prize – “Sanskriti Samman”

    The NIC approved the proposal to be administered by the Ministry of Culture. However, it had to be ensured that the Prize money should not be less than that given by State Governments, as it would devalue it.

  • 18.3 Institution of “Tagore Samman” by Sangeet Natak Akademi.

    The NIC approved the proposal in-principle but suggested that merit along with age should be the criteria. Moreover, they should not be given to too many artistes in one go. The Prize money may also be enhanced.

  • 18.4 Tagore Awards for School/College Students

    The NIC noted that Ministry of HRD would look into the matter.


  • 19.1 The NIC noted the position of Constitution of a Publication Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy by Ministry of Culture to consider publication proposals related to the Commemorations.
  • 19.2 Publication of Bibliography on Tagore and his works in different Indian languages and English

    The NIC noted that the work would be completed in 2011 by Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation.

  • 19.3 Reprints of Tagore’s Works in Indian Language

    The NIC noted that Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation and Sahitya Akademi were targeting several reprints within 2011.

  • 19.4 Proposal from IGNOU

    The NIC did not approve the proposal of Rs. 54.00 lakhs from IGNOU for publications of a Rabindranath Tagore Reader and a Collection of Articles on Tagore’s major novel ‘Gora’, as they were neither original nor meeting any strong felt need. Funding may be availed of by IGNOU from other sources.


Member-Secretary apprised the Committee that the entire provision of Rs.26.45 crores during 2010-11 for the Commemorations has been spent and Rs.100 crores will be required for the proposals received/under process in the year 2011-12 and related expenses. He further stated that the Budget of Ministry of Culture had been reduced. He requested the Chairman to provide extra funds at the Supplementary Grants stage.

The NIC agreed for allocation of extra funds at Supplementary Stage. Finance Secretary requested that the requirement for additional funds may be sent, well in time.


Member-Secretary apprised the NIC that it would be necessary to augment the Special Cell of the Ministry of Culture which is handling the Tagore Commemorations by engaging 2 (two) Consultants, who are Tagore Experts at the level of Director and Under Secretary and 4(four) supporting staff at a cost of Rs.1.20 lakh per month for six months on a contractual basis. The term may be extended after an evaluation of performance.

The NIC approved the proposal.


  • 22.1 Release of Commemorative Postage Stamp:

    The NIC noted the position that the Stamp would be released during the Inaugural Function on 7 May 2011.

  • 22.2 Release of Commemorative Coin

    Chairman requested the Finance Secretary to re-mint the Rs.150 and Rs.5 Commemorative coins and be made available from 7 May 2011 onwards to coincide with the Opening Ceremony.