List of Ongoing/Pending cases (where funding has not yet been completed)

Serial No. Name of the Project Cost of the Project(in Rs lakhs.) Amount Released so far(in Rs lakhs.) Present Status
1. ‘Bichitra – Online Electronic Variorum of Rabindranath Tagore’s works in Bengali, a project by Jadavpur University, Kolkata. 282.00 250.00 Project completed and launched by Hon’ble President on 5th May, 2013.
2. Seminar by IIPA, New Delhi on Tagore Rural Reconstruction and its Relevance Today. 6.00 4.50 Seminar held. Second installment of Rs. 1.50 is yet to be released on receipt of statement of expenditure from IIPA.
3. Publication of a Coffee Table Book on the life and works of Tagore by Prof. Bharati Ray through Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. 5.00 2.50 Prof. Ray has completed the manuscript of the book. Ministry will publish the book. Hence, Rabindra Bharati University, which is the host of the project, has been requested to submit the manuscript of the book to the Ministry.
4. Translation of Tagore’s Plays from Bengali to other Indian Languages by Prof. Ananda Lal of Jadavpur University. 7.00 3.50 Translation work of 7 plays in Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi, Manipuri, Santhali and Malayalam languages, has been completed. Ministry has decided to publish the translated plays. Hence the Jadavpur University was requested to submit the manuscript of the translation work for further necessary action to the Ministry. Translations of 5 plays have since been received. Rest ise awaited.
5. Government of Sikkim – Tagore commemoration related programmes. 7.50 5.62 First installment of Rs. 5.62 lakhs was released in December, 2011. UC and details of expenditure areyet to be received from the state Govt. before release of the second installment of Rs. 1.88 lakh.
6. Government of Jammu & Kashmir – Tagore commemoration related programmes. 9.00 6.75 First installment of Rs. 6.75 lakhs was released in December, 2011. UC has since been received. However, detail of expenditure is yet to be received from the state Govt. to enable us release the second installment of Rs. 2.25 lakh.
7. Government of Rajasthan – Tagore Commemoration related programmes. 10.00 10.00 An amount of Rs. 10.00 lakhs was released to the State Government in Feb’2013. However, PAO(C) has intimated that no such authorization had been issued by them. Hence a fresh sanction has been issued on 9.9.2013.
8. Sangeet Natak Akademi – Tagore commemoration related programmes during 2011-12. 380.00 310.00 An amount of Rs. 310 lakhs was released to SNA during 2011-12 against the approved grant of Rs. 380 lakhs. SNA has incurred an expenditure to the tune of Rs. 350 lakhs during the year. After adjusting the excess expenditure from the savings of 2010-11, an amount of Rs. 16.00 lakhs appx. is yet to be released to SNA on receipt of certain clarifications from it.
9. Sahitya Akademi – Tagore commemoration related programmes during 2010-11 & 2011-12. 220.00 220.00 Akademi was provided with a grant of Rs. 130 lakhs during 2010-11 and Rs. 90 lakhs during 2011-12. UC received. However it has incurred an additional expenditure of Rs. 37 lakhs during 2011-12. This additional amount is to be released on receipt of certain clarifications from Sahitya Akademi.
10. Making of Films/ Documentaries/ DVDs etc. - NFDC 1500.00 962.00 Out of 4 (four) approved films, three have been completed. 6 pack DVD had already been completed. Sub-titling work in Chinese & Portuguese is yet to be done. NFDC has requested to release an amount of Rs. 110 lakhs to complete the work. The proposal is under examination.
11. Payment to ICCR for programmes undertaken for Tagore Commemoration. 500.00 375.00 ICCR had already undertaken Tagore Commemoration related programmes for which NIC had approved to reimburse an amount of Rs. 5.00 crore. First installment of Rs. 375 lakhs was released in July, 2012. Proposal regarding release of Second installment of Rs. 125 lakhs is under consideration in consultation with IFD.
12. Jamia Millia Islamia University’s proposal regarding Tagore Research & Translation Scheme. 96.00 72.00 This project was approved in September, 2012 only and is to be completed by September, 2014. First installment of Rs. 72 lakhs was released in Spt’2012.
13. Renovation of Jorasankho Thakurbari through ASI. 118.00 00 Authorization for an amount of Rs. 88.50 lakhs was issued in July, 2012. Since ASI was not able to utilize this amount during that financial year as it is yet to finalize the contractor to award this work, the authorization was withdrawn on 25.2.13. The amount will now be released on receiving request from ASI for which it is being reminded from time to time.
14. Publication of Kalanukramik Rabindra Rachnavali by Visva Bharati University, Kolkata. 304.57 69.55 First installment of Rs. 69.55 was released on 30.9.2011. Since Visva Bharati could not utilize this fund during that year, this amount was carried forward for the year 2012-13. On the recommendation of the Monitoring Committee, the project has been taken up afresh during June, 2012 by Visva Bharati University. The duration of this project is five years. One Volume is expected to published by October, 2013.
15. Setting up of Tagore Centre for Global Thought at Indian Institute, King’s College, London 253.00 101.27 Estimated cost of this project is for three years. For the year 2012-13, funds to the tune of Rs. 101.27 lakhs have been released. The Tagore Centre has been formally launched by HCM on 2nd April, 2013. Next installment of funds will be released on receiving request from the Centre.