A National Implementation Committee has decided to consider two categories of proposals pertaining to production of Films and Documentaries on Rabindranath Tagore. In the first category, proposal for full length biographical film covering various aspects of his life i.e. travels, works on education, rural development etc. can be covered. In the other category, production based on his multiple works i.e. short stories, novels etc. would be covered. Restoration and repackaging of archival materials like sound theatres, films etc. produced earlier are to be considered for wide dissemination.

Dubbing and subtitling of selected material into different languages and distributing them through proper channel would be one of the prime objective of this project. An amount of Rs.50 million has been initially earmarked for this work. The entire project is to be executed in a distributed manner involving various media units of the Government. NFDC could work on film projects while Doordarshan, Film Division, All India Radio and National Film Archives could produce new materials and retrieve archival records.